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Using the latest technologies, Ascential Care Partners delivers expedient, cost effective, and solution-minded services that are unmatched in the industry.

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The Difference is in the Details

Ascential Care’s diverse staff possesses the perfect balance of experiences, skills, and audacity.

Excellent Care

Our first priority is to provide excellent care to our clients while exceeding expectations.

Excellent Care

Our nurses provide compassion and care to injured workers, focusing on expedient recovery and a safe return to work. 

Aggressive Outcomes

We achieve great outcomes through new technology and subject experience.

Aggressive Outcomes

Using the latest clinical research and nurse case management tools, Ascential Care Partners excels at reducing clinical costs and collaborating with medical providers. 

Experienced Experts

Our services are backed by years of experience and compassionate experts.

Experienced Experts

With decades of nurse case management and claim experience, ACP's qualified team of medical professionals provide clinical experience and expertise when claim adjusters need it most. 

Strong Clinical Focus

We thrive to provide exceptional clinical focus for our clients.

Strong Clinical Focus

Whether reviewing requests for authorization, providing early medical intervention, reviewing a catastrophic claim, or advising on a prescribed treatment regimen, our team is here for you. 

Nurse Case Management Services

Quality services optimized for you. Using the latest technologies, Ascential Care Partners delivers expedient, cost effective, and solution-minded services that are unmatched in the industry. With a specialization in telephonic case management, catastrophic claims, nurse triage, surgical oversight, opioid programs, and early-stage triage, clinical oversight and best-in-class operations are our differentiators. We strive to offer services aimed at lowering claim costs, reducing clinicial risk, and delivering a custom catered nursing program designed to return patients to work safely and effectively.

Our Utilization Review Program evaluates the medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficiency of any medical services, procedures, medications, or practitioner specialties as referred by clients. The goal of the program is to provide clients with medical necessity recommendations that are supported by current evidence-based medicine and that promote positive patient outcomes.

Case Management programs are an important component of the overall claim management strategy. Telephonic Case Management is a valuable tool that when used early in the claim can yield significant reductions in medical and indemnity claim costs. Different studies conclude that that the earlier case management is involved in a claim, the sooner the claim can be resolved. 

Pain cost employers $12.1 billion/week in lost productivity. Our RISK EX program provides an early Identification of lost time claims with a high risk potential of delayed recovery, including those with PTSD. 

SX DIRECT is our direct solution to lowering claim costs specifically related to surgery. Our team recognizes the need to improve surgical outcomes while developing a specific oversight program to manage requests for pre-op evaluation or clearance and educating on post-op complications.

The RX ADVISE team is dedicated to minimizing time and money spent on patients using controlled medications during workers’ compensation injury claims. We strive to educate our patients on the risks and side effects of controlled medications during their recovery while working with physicians to develop weaning programs.

ACP PRIME is our modern approach to cost effective medical peer reviews. Where traditionally, a peer review focuses on the medical necessity or causality of an injured workers’ proposed treatment regiment, ACP PRIME has been leveraged to: evaluate the long term use of narcotic medications, develop weaning protocols, establish the need for independent medical evaluations, and more.


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Making an Impact

Injured Worker to TCM Nuse
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I wanted to express how I thoroughly enjoyed having you as a case nurse. I understand Daisy has changed me to another nurse for specific reasons and you won't be working with me anymore. I wish you and your company could have provided those specific needs, because I'd rather have had you instead. I wanted you to know how much you've helped me and that I appreciate everything you've done. Just simply talking to me, listening to me. It's difficult to find people like you. And I'll miss you terribly. I wish you the best!
Injured Worker to TCM Nurse
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I want to thank you for all your assistance and guidance. It was a pleasure working with you. It felt like a friend more than a nurse assistance. Happy Holidays and have a blessed and prosperous new year.
Claim Adjuster to TCM Nurse
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Thank you so much for being on top of this assignment. I believe this made us ALL shine so brightly before the client. This was great news for me today! I hope you have a fantastic day.
Injured Worker to TCM Nurse
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Thank you for all you did for me and the quick response times for my MRI so I can get back to work. I would recommend you to anyone.
Injured Worker to TCM Nurse
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Just a quick note to say thank you for all your assistance during my 10-month medical battle. Your weekly follow ups with me were great. You always asked if there was anything I needed; you were so willing to help. Your suggestions, advice, and assistance facilitating medical care was paramount. I also enjoyed speaking with you; you were so nice and helpful. Thank you for your dedication and persistence helping me.

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