Staffing Shortage Leads to More Work-Related Injuries

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The average physician age in the US is 45, which continues to rise as opportunities and compensation within the STEM fields continue to increase. This, combined with labor shortages post-pandemic, had led to a rise in recovery time ad a decline in the ability of injured workers to return to work.

Nurses are overcompensating for their own staffing shortages while also dealing with more work-related injuries than ever due to overworked and tired employees.

Advocating for Employees Reduces Employers' Claim Costs

Across many high-hazard industries, such as construction and transportation, an inadequate number of workers leads to an increased workload and a higher risk of injury. It is important for employers to adjust expectations during uncertain times by responsibly managing expectations and overseeing a safe return to work post-injury.

Ways to Reduce Workplace Injury:

  • Embrace safety training
  • Promote regular check-ins with your staff
  • Implement a nurse triage program

Nurse Triage Expediting Return to Work Rates

An excellent option for promoting an expedient and safe return to work is by leveraging a nurse triage program. A well-developed nurse triage program promotes open communication between the injured worker, claim adjuster, and treating physician, developing efficiencies in assessing injuries and forming a sound treatment plan. A nurse’s immediate involvement in treating a workplace injury also helps guide patients to in-network medical providers, ultimately reducing expense of medical intervention. 

With 24-hour access to high-quality healthcare personnel, injured workers are guided through the workers’ compensation process swiftly and safely, guaranteeing the best possible


treatment regimen is provided and highlighting otherwise unseen opportunities for returning to work with modified duties.

Although many modern challenges significantly impact workplace injuries, new and innovative solutions are proving effective in providing a perspective advantageous to carriers and injured workers alike.

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