ACP 365

Nurse Triage When You Need It Most

ACP offers a first report of injury program staffed by nurses all day, every day. The call methodology with a nurse answering the phone has provided a more neutral way for an employee to report their injury. This initial call includes appropriate advice for medical treatment or self-care and offers direction to an appropriate facility or provider for initial care.

Sophisticated technology allows for report customization specific to the client’s requirements.  The client’s network and panel providers, preferred facilities and clinics are easily identified to aid in appropriate direction.  Additional direction to case management services can be programmed to ensure seamless clinical oversight when ongoing care is anticipated.

Why ACP 365?

Accessing a nurse line to report an injury offers better satisfaction, and improves workplace morale for an injured employee.  An injury on the job can be a traumatic event and a service that promotes the right level of care when needed gets the claim off to a more productive start.  Greater employee satisfaction with this initial process can help reduce potential litigation.

AscentCare 365 offers a comprehensive vehicle where injured workers report their injuries, receive direction for appropriate treatment and designated stakeholders receive a full report of the injury at the conclusion of reporting.

Benefits of ACP 365

Real Outcomes