Caring for a Workplace Injury While On-Site

Injured Worker

A workplace injury can be an uncomfortable and challenging situation for the employee, but the employer as well. When a workplace injury occurs, the priority is to ensure the injured person’s safety and well-being.

First, assess the severity of the injury and the potential dangers in the immediate area. Ensure that everyone involved, including the injured person, is safe from further harm. If necessary, contact emergency medical services for immediate assistance. Administer basic first aid techniques to stabilize the injured person before professional medical help arrives. This may include controlling bleeding, immobilizing fractures, or sprains, and possibly providing CPR. Remember to prioritize your own safety as well while giving first aid.

If the injury occurred in a hazardous area, secure the location to prevent further accidents or injuries. Clear any potential hazards or obstructions and ensure that appropriate signage or barriers are in place to warn others of the potential danger.

Offer reassurance and empathy to help the worker cope with the situation and accompany them to medical treatment. If the injury is severe or requires specialized medical attention, ensure they are transported safely and efficiently, either through an ambulance or by arranging transportation.

Accurate documentation is essential for future reference and investigation. Record detailed information about the incident, including the time, date, location, description of the injury, and any witnesses. Take photos if necessary and complete any required incident reports or documentation your organization may require.

After the initial care and treatment, maintain regular communication with the injured employee to check their progress and provide any necessary support. Employees who feel supported by their employer throughout the injury and recovery process are less likely to seek legal representation. Identify jobs or duties that can support the employee’s work restrictions as they recover from their injury. An offer of work, even in a reduced capacity, helps the employee maintain their work routine and interactions that contribute to the employee’s successful recovery.  

When a workplace injury occurs, an employer’s proactive plan prioritizes the right care for their employees from injury to recovery.  

Ascential Care Partners works with employers to ensure timely medical treatment and a safe, and appropriate return to work for their injured employees.  That is our priority.